joi, 17 aprilie 2008

Who was voted off American Idol?

Kristy Lee Cook, 24 sold her horse to pay to get to the American Idol audition. Unfortunately she was voted off yesterday from the show, leaving only six contestants in the competition: David Archuleta, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro, David Cook, Syesha Mercado and Brooke White.

Kristy Lee Cook should be very proud of herself. She went further than most people and improved every week. Now it is down to the best singers on the show and although she is good, the others are better.

“I’m like blown away,” Paula Abdul told her Tuesday. “You’d have a hit with it in the country world, I believe … I’m so proud of you.”

Simon Cowell disagreed. “You didn’t give me chills,” he told the contestant, but “you managed with what you could.”

For her final performance Cook sat on the judges’ table right in front of Simon and started singing “Forever,” staring directly at the notorious judge. And it goes like this: Those days of love are gone / Our time is through …

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