duminică, 13 aprilie 2008

Eliza was voted out from Survivor "Fans vs Favorites"

Eliza was voted off from Survivor "Fans vs Favorites". The smartest player of Survivor, Eliza- a law student- figured out that what Jason thought it was "The Immunity hidden idol" was nothing else but a stick. Here's the conversation between her and Jason:

"Eliza: What are you trying to pull?
Jason: What?
Eliza: That's not the idol.
Jason: It has a face on it.
Eliza: It's not the idol.
Jason: Why do you say that?
Eliza: Because that can't be the idol.
Jason: Why not?
Eliza: Because it's just a stick!
Jason: I know ... you think so?"

This was one of the funniest moments ever!

Eliza also knew tha Micronesian is not a language and Erik is a lier. Here's what Eliza thinks about Erik pretending to know the micronesian word for "good"- "Dabu":

"What is Micronesian for "good"? Do you know?

No! Micronesian is not a language! There's no such language as Micronesian. I knew that at the time. I was trying to not stir things up, because little naive Erik was there saying "Hey guys! Guess what! I looked up Micronesian!" I'm like No you didn't. I didn't say anything. I was already in trouble."

The tribes have finally merged and Amanda gets jealous of Alexis who was getting cozy with Ozzy on Exile Island. Here's what Eliza thinks about this relationship:

"I think that Ozzy and Alexis became friendly when they went to Exile Island together. They were just kind of... I think that was more strategic. I don't think that Alexis was "moving in" on Amanda's man or anything. I think that that was, in editing, made to be a little more of a big deal than it actually was."

It will be very interesting to see what will happen in the next episode...

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