joi, 17 aprilie 2008

Poor little Kylie...

Kylie Minogue has admitted she may never have children or have a husband.

Minogue, almost 40 years old, said that although she wants to have a family she sometimes believes it is "not the right path" for her.

She told the German edition of Vogue: "I never had the feeling I was made for a conventional marriage with a house in the suburbs.

"Media interest in 'supermothers', who are simultaneously on stage and bringing up children, is understandable. But for many that is too much of a good thing.

"There are also artists such as Debbie Harry or Dolly Parton who have managed to have an unbelievable career without a family.

"Above everything else, it comes down to how much love you have in you and if you are ready to give that love."

"How things will turn out for me with regards to family I simply can't yet say."

Kylie Minogue promises a change of image for the new tour, starting in Paris next month.

She said: "The showgirl and feathers are behind me. I want a new direction. Jean Paul Gaultier is designing my costumes for the tour - all couture."

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