joi, 3 aprilie 2008

Clooney is dating a "Girl Gone Wild"

Sarah Larson is currently dating the hottest bachelor on Hollywood, George Clooney. The two appeared together on the red carpet at the Oscar ceremony. A classy lady with a true gentleman, you would think. But that's just one face of the story...

In the pictures below, you will see that when Sarah gets drunk, she's way far from that classy stile that she displays on the red carpet, and she's as wild as one could get... The bikini pictures below were snapped by Last Night's Party and proof that she likes to get wasted and go wild.

The two met while she was serving him drinks at Las Vegas’ Palms Hotel Casino and up until 2007, Larson was paid by club and radio station promoters to attend events and slut it up.

So, George, be carefull with this lady!

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