duminică, 6 aprilie 2008

Striptease in famous movies

Many Hollywood actresses have stripped themselves in movies in the name of the art. Here are the most famous movies with hot striptease scenes and hot actresses :

1. Lindsay Lohan in 'I Know Who Killed Me'(2007), is playing a double role, and she dances around a pole in a hot stripping scene. Although she was very hot in those scenes, the movie is rates only 3.8 on imdb and got several Razzie Awards including : ' Worst Director', '
Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie', ' Worst Screenplay', and unfortunately for Lindsay she won ' Worst Actress'...

2. Jessica Alba is incredibly sexy in this lasso scene in 'Sin City'(2005); she seduces Bruce Willis, director Robert Rodriguez and millions of viewers around the world.
The movie was very successful, won 14 awards and is rated 8.4 on IMDB.

'Sin City 2' will appear on 2010 and Jessica will star in this one too. We hardly wait to see her performance!

3. Salma Hayek - who can forget that hot scene when Salma is dancing with a huge snake in 'From Dusk Til Dawn'(1996)? . This movie, also starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino was a success. It is rated 7 on imdb and received 4 awards.

4. Demi Moore - Probably anyone remembers the hot striptease scenes from 'Striptease'(1996) with Demi Moore. The movie itself was a disaster, but her nude scenes probably saved this film from a total fiasco. It's worth to mention that Demi got a $12 million paycheck for this part, which was a huge sum back in 1996.

'Striptease', strarring big names like Demi Moore, Armand Assante, Burt Raynolds is rated only 3.8 on imdb and won 6 Razzie Award for ' Worst Actress' - Demi Moore, 'Worst Picture', 'Worst Screen Couple' ( Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds), etc.

5. Nicolette Sheridan in 'Somebody's daughter'( 1992) played the role of a stripper. The movie was very far from being a succes, though sexy Nicolette has taken her clothes off. It is rated 4.7 on imdb, but didn't won any Razzie Award.

Nowadays she is playing a sex bomb in the famous TV series 'Desperate Housewives, and all those obscure movies she starred in are left behind.

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