joi, 17 aprilie 2008

Putin will marry Alina Kabaeva?!

It's pretty trendy nowadays for presidents to marry young hot models. Take the example of Azerbaidjan's president, who's wife is the ex-model Mehriban Aliyeva, look at France's president, Nicholas Sarkozy who recently married sexy singer and model Carla Bruni . This time Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, 56, is planning to marry the beautiful talented gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 25.

Putin recently divorced his wife Liudmila after 25 years of being together. The two have two daughters Maria and Katerina who have almost the same age as the bride to be, Alina Kabaeva.
, un cotidian rusesc titreaza ca cei doi sunt indagostiti de ceva timp, si Alina ar fi principalul motiv al divortului presedintelui Putin de Liudmila, de acum doua luni, dupa aproape 25 de ani petrecuti impreuna.

Alina Kabaeva, born in Uzbekistan, represented Russia in many international competitions ( including Olympics), winning lots of gold medals for Russia. Rumors say that the relationship between Putin and Alina started right after Athena Olympics, but for now the two have not made a public statement about their relationship.

Moscovskii Korrespondent, a Russian newspaper informed that the two are planning to get marry on 15th June probably in Sankt-Petersburg, the city where Vladimir Putin was born.

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