sâmbătă, 12 aprilie 2008

Sarah Larson talks about George Clooney

We could call Sarah Larson Cinderella. She went from being a nasty girl, serving drinks for Las Vegas’ Palms Hotel Casino into becoming the girlfriend of the hunted Hollywood bachelor George Clooney.

Everybody knows the two met at the June 2007 Ocean's Thirteen premiere at the Palms Casino Resort on Las Vegas, but she now says they actually met much earlier.

"It was on his birthday three or four years ago at Whiskey at [Vegas's] Green Valley Ranch," Larson says, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. "I was with some friends. We were all dancing, taking pictures, being silly."

Well, one-year anniversary approaches, and George Clooney and Sarah Larson had a pretty eventful year.

They've survived a motorcycle crash. They've went together on red carpet at film festivals and the Academy Awards. And, the Review Journal reports, she's even met his parents.

Next up for the couple? Clooney, who will turn 47 next month, will whisk Larson away for a vacation at his Italian villa. Nice cinderella life, isn't it?

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