sâmbătă, 7 iunie 2008

Bad Miley Cyrus Grounded By Mom Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus is putting her foot down. After a series of furious battles with her mouthy pop icon daughter, Miley, Tish recently placed the Hannah Montana star on punishment indefinitely. Miley has faced several public relations nightmares over the past six months, thanks to a succession of naughty photos leaking to the press, but its her “nonstop flirting on Myspace…” and snotty attitude that have put the fifteen year old at odds with “Tough Tish.”

“Miley is getting too big for her britches and had to be taken down a notch,” a friend of the family revealed to Star Magazine. “She’s also been using inapproriate language, and Tish has had enough of that. They’re churchgoing people, and Tish wants Miley to have respect for their religion.”

Source : popcrunch

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